Heidelberg Park to Wombat Bend

Heidelberg Park to Wombat Bend, Yarra River

There are unlimited tracks to explore around Yarra Bend, most of which I’m unfamiliar with.  My sister Anna and I picked a spot on Google Maps and drove there on a foggy, cold July morning.  We parked near Heidelberg Park and followed our nose upstream, breaking into the occasional jog when we needed to warm up!


It was an easy to follow trail, however with so many interweaving tracks it would be easy to steer off course.  Once we reached the bridge at Wombat Bend we turned back, noting that it would be a good spot to start next time!  The track was mostly bitumen with sections of gravel. It was still pretty suburban, but the fog made it beautiful all the same!


If like me, you live north side and want to get a quick nature fix, I highly recommend this area for a walk / run.  There are plenty of other people out and about, playing sports and walking the dog, so you can easily distract yourself people watching as you meander along.

The Stats

Date: 6th July 2019

Conditions: Clearing fog, fresh winter’s morning!

Distance: 10.93km

Duration: 1hr 21min

Moving Time: 1hr 20min

Elevation Gain: 41m

Start: Heidelberg Park

Type: Out & Back

Track: Paved walking track

Min Elevation: 16m

Max Elevation: 32m

Elevation over distance

GPS Tracking

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