About Get Gone

The Origins of Get Gone

The idea for Get Gone was conceived on New Years Eve in 2017.  I was sitting on a beach, alone, in the Able Tasman National Park, enjoying a relaxing hike-in holiday after a hectic year.  After spending four blissful days sleeping in the dunes, exploring the stunning coastline and exchanging celebratory prosecco with green tea, Idecided that despite six years of study, eight years of professional work and a busy inner-city lifestyle, it was moments such as these that truly made me happy.

Several days later as I was sitting on the beach waiting for the ferry to arrive to take me back to reality, the sign behind her on the beach caught my eye.  In the case of an earthquake, the sign warned people to ‘Get Gone’.  These two words perfectly articulated my  approach to getting outdoors – Don’t overthink it, just get up, get out and Get Gone.

Get Gone aims to be a valuable resource for both inexperienced and experienced outdoors men and women, that allows people of all ages, fitness levels and abilities to get outdoors and explore the natural landscapes that our country has to offer.

About Hilary

Adventure has always been a part of Hilary’s life.  When she wasn’t exploring the 2,000 acres of family farm in NW Victoria she was travelling around Australia in the middle seat of the family Ford Falcon exploring the remote outback with her three siblings.  During her school years she jumped at any opportunity for adventure that came her way, leading Outdoor Ed camps, building a school room in Kenya, walking 330km across England – you know, the usual stuff.

 Hilary’s first ambitious hiking trip that she planned herself was at age 17 to the Overland Track in Tasmania.  That was a pivotal point in Hilary’s adventure journey and since then she has completed a dozen overnight hikes such as Cape to Cape trail in WA, Wilsons Promontory and the Great Ocean Walk.
Some back of the envelope maths revealed some interesting hefty stats regarding Hilary’s hiking and backpacking adventures in the last decade.  She has visited 40 national parks in Australia, completed a total of 35 days of overnight hikes, hiked in 12 different countries and completed four half marathons. She has skied in four resorts, scuba dived 48 times and slept in a tent for over 160 nights.

One of the most memorable hiking trips for Hilary was earlier this year when she spent several days hiking solo in the Able Tasman NP.  It was a very reflective time and opened Hilary’s eyes to the restorative mental health benefits of hiking.
Hilary’s journey might seem like its past its peak, but in Hilary’s eyes it’s only the beginning. At age 30 the possibilities are endless and Hilary’s adventure journey is ready to go to the next level – rubbing some of that adventurous energy off to the masses!

The Aim of Get Gone

Get Gone aims to make the outdoors more accessible for people of all ages and abilities. By making existing information more accessible, this platform will allow more people to enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of being more active and spending time outdoors.

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